Wyoming Google Computer Science (CS) First Club

Lesson plans and video based content delivery to create engaging computer science experiences for young students (4th - 8th graders). 

The club introduces students to computer science. Students create computer science projects around different themes such as Art, Music & Sound, Sports, Storytelling, Nature, Fashion & Design, Friends, Game Design, Money, and Social Media. Each theme contains lessons of 60-90 minutes and engage students of varying backgrounds and interests. All materials are free and easy to use. Teachers: Start Your Own Google CS First Club

Club Meetings


Western WY Comm College

2500 College Drive

Rock Springs, WY

Why Computer Science?

Computer Science is a 21st-century skill that enable kids to be creators, rather than just consumers, of technology. Its emphasis on problem solving across disciplines, driving growth and innovation across all sectors of the workforce. 

Club Themes

  • Storytelling
  • Friends & Social Media
  • Fashion & Design
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Music & Sound
  • Game Design
  • Animation

No Scheduled Clubs During Summer

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Upcoming Kid Workshops

Room 1430