Wyoming Computer Science (CS) Endorsement

University of Wyoming (UW) is offering a new BS in Secondary Computer Engineering and Technology

University of Wyoming (UW) offers a Computer Science Endorsement program to Secondary Education majors. 

  • 18 credit hours of CS and a 2 hour methods course
  • Four courses are offered online at the Wyoming Community Colleges
  • Accredited through ISTE

Getting Started - Fall 2018 Semester

COSC 1010 Introduction to Computer Science (CS) Online

The following Wyoming Community Colleges will be offering COSC 1010 Introduction to Computer Science (CS) online during the Fall 2018 semester. Registration is open starting April 2018. This course is recommended for teachers wanting to receive a CS endorsement and obtain CS knowledge, as well as, high school students interested in the field of Computer Science.

Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques of Computer Science. By the end of the course, the successful student will be familiar with the basic terminology of computers and programs, the software development process and fundamental structures of programming including variables and data types, expressions, selection and repetition structures, methods, and arrays. 4 credits.

Register on WyClass or contact the community college directly. 

Casper (Casper College) Registration for Fall 2018 - April 23 (307) 268-2100

Laramie (Laramie County Community College) Registration for Fall 2018 - April 17 (307) 778-5222

Rock Springs (Western Wyoming Community College) Registration for Fall 18 - April 5 (307) 382-1600

Sheridan (Northern Wyoming Community College District) Registration for Fall 18 - April 3 (307) 675-0505

Professional Teaching Standards Board's (PTSB) Pathways

Wyoming Computer Science (CS) Certification Process

Option #1: Program completion that leads to licensure in the state the institution resides in and leads to an Institutional Recommendation.

Option #2: Demonstration of Competency showing 27 credit hours from a regionally accredited college in approved Computer Science coursework and ultimately passing the Wyoming approved Praxis exam. 

Option #3: Professional, Industry, and Careers (PIC) Permit requires a bachelors degree or higher in Technology. Applicant is required to have a minimum of two years work experience int he past five years.